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Lumbar pain and Sciatica - The Role of a man's Piriformis Muscle

Low back pain and sciatica can be quite painful conditions, where pain is felt throughout your low back &/or passing down the leg from either the actual back or buttock city. There are several reasons reasons why you may be suffering with low back pain or sciatica, and a compressed piriformis muscle is a somewhat common cause.

Sciatic Nerve Pain (Sciatica)

The piriformis muscle is found deep within the buttock coast, where it is coupled to the outside of your hip since the outer part of your sacrum. As it travels among the two points, the sciatic nerve either explains the piriformis muscle by itself, or directly underneath (it is different from person to person). But, if this muscle requires place tight, it places increased stress by using a sciatic nerve and consequently can start to aggravate it, pulling sciatica.

With regards to get sciatica, if you observe that your pain begins from the buttock area and not the reduced back, there is a reasonable chance it is the piriformis muscle which is producing your pain. If this is reflecting the piriformis muscle becoming tight, it needs in the package stretched.

Sacro-Iliac Pain

With regards to lumbar pain, one of the most important aspects is that the piriformis muscle is attached to the sacrum. Consequently, if your data piriformis muscle is limited, it will have a 'tugging' effect on every bone.

The sacrum forms 50 % the sacro-iliac joint (sacro speaking about the sacrum and iliac advisory a specific perhaps the pelvis) and if the sacrum has been to be pulled on too lots of hours of, there will be increased stress placed with respect to sacro-iliac joint, which itself can ultimately consequence pain.

If you find that your lumbar pain begins not in the reduced back itself, but rather some further down (but above a buttock region), there is a viable chance it is sacro-iliac pain you're suffering with. Some people often say to me it feels as if enormously . coming from an area below their back which happen to be a 'couple of dimples'. This is inside the area of the sacro-iliac joint and if you think that the same, it maybe this joint good source of your problem.

Piriformis Stretches

There are a number of ways of stretching the piriformis muscle mass, all of which probably would are best described utilizing a diagram. You will find a link suffering this article which will assist you to stretch the piriformis muscle by the use of diagrams.

However, another way to loosen up a tight piriformis muscle is to try using some 'self massage'. This can be accomplished with the use of each tennis or golf soccer ball (or something similar).

Lie yourself lying on your back with your knees curled. Place the ball approximately in the middle of buttock on the side that need to be massaged (this is approximately where piriformis muscle is). From there, gently 'roll' the golf ball by moving/rotating your buttock, so as the ball gently massages the city above it.

This self massage exercise can be an excellent way of unwinding the piriformis muscle. However use caution, as it may by themselves aggravate your sciatica if sixty still quite sensitive. This is because you won't just be massaging the piriformis large, but also the sciatic nerve it passes through or underneath. Consequently, it may stir your pain up you are looking too aggressive.

If could, this is nothing to be concerned about. However, it is your body's lifestyle telling you it is not ready for that sorts of treatment yet. Have a rest for a week or so and then try and as soon as, only being a little gentler the next time.

If a tight piriformis muscle is which causes your sciatica or lumbar pain, then gently stretching and massaging this muscle will allow you to alleviate your pain.


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