Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Low back pain - Hip Flexion ; Sartorius

Patients with Lower Back Pain are known to have hip flexor tightness. The hip flexor that is simple to locate is the sartorius because of its strap-like form stretching from the outer aspect of the hip with regard to that medial aspect of a person's knee joint. This muscle permits us to sit in the taylor sit position or if the lotus position.

The sartorius muscle flexes the hip and rolls the hip outward (external rotation). It is also a knee flexor.

To test this muscle, the patient places the heel to your tested side on the other knee. Patients with pain location tightness of the sartorius are apt to have difficulty placing the heel for your personal opposite knee.

However, difficulty in performing this function also relies upon presence of pain and spasm if your lower back muscles, stylish extensor muscles, hip abductor so that you can internal rotator muscles.
Tightness and shortening any of these muscles will produce additional complications performing this motion and this is called the FABERE testing (this is a combination of ability of the hip to push, abduct and externally rotate).

Nerve supply: Femoral nerve

Spinal segments: L2, L3 and also L4 nerve roots

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  2. The spinal chord is divided in to four parts, pain occurs in the trunk region, which bears maximum weight. Whenever there is pressure or stiffness in the spinal chord, there is possibility of disk prolapse. This will affect the nerves, which control our movements and connect brain. The stiffness in the nerves is responsible for back pain.

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