Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back pain and Sciatica - Substance Massage Help?

Massage is an extremely commonly associated treatment for that suffering with Back pain or Sciatica. However, how much a role does it play being in getting to the trigger of the problem?

I have been a physiotherapist for over 13 years now, and although I opened up using treatments such because much as electrotherapy, mobilisations & manipulation, my emphasis now is completely hands off.

This is because the majority of low back pain and sciatica problems are a result of muscle imbalances along with how you both carry out our day time activities (which themselves could lead to muscle imbalances and vice versa).

Therefore, the aim of treatment should not actually cover applying electrical devices to reduce inflammation or pain messages to the brain (that's assuming the product can achieve that anyway) or tension free tight joints with mobilisations or the manipulation, but rather addressing the cause of the problem which is causing the inflammation, pain and stiff joints in the first place. This is achieved by going to any incorrect movement patterns which have been adopted during every day activities, along with a perfect stretching and strengthening exercise programme.

What about knead?

If there are tight muscles along with other soft tissues present, placing increased stresses across the low back and sciatic sensory problems, this will definitely become a potential cause of agony. Consequently, having a massage for all those tight soft tissues will almost certainly help relieve the soreness and tension present. Moreover, if that is the one thing done and the cause the reason why these muscles and flexible tissues are tight in the first place is not addressed, it is likely the pain sensation will return up-front.

So am I suggesting that massage who knew appropriate, as it does not address what exactly is the problem?

Absolutely not being. Massage, without hesitation, can play an natural part in the rehabilitation of low back pain & sciatica. It has become the only 'hands on' treatment I have. The difference is, I use it including an appropriate stretching feeling that strengthening exercise programme, along with addressing infinitesimal day-to-day activities or bad habits which may also be contributing to the impairment. I would never use it in its own right as a treatment software.

Therefore, if you are suffering with low back pain or sciatica and considering having massage as treatment, my advice would be get out there, as long as you don't use it in remote location. It is important then you definately aim to address any muscle imbalance which might be present. Unless you do that, it is likely your trusty relief you get will only be temporary.

Finally, it is crucial I mention as a final point. I would never achieve all massage on someone who was simply in the acute inflammatory stage of back pain or sciatica, where even the the bare minimum of movements hurt as well as the subsequent increase in pain hangs around for a few years. (I often use a new analogy here of if you decide to hit your thumb on a hammer and how sensitive your thumb is possibly afterwards! ) If you used to be to have someone massaging the rear during this phase, the chances are the only thing that will be achieved is increased joint & inflammation.


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