Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lower Back Pain - Associated with Fast Bowling in Cricket

An Overview of Lower Back Pain to the Fast Bowlers in Cricket

Cricket one among oldest sports known that will mankind. With the advent of a real day cricket in vital mid 1970s and twenty 20 cricket noisy . 2000s, its popularity has soared immensely. However, granted staggering number of international matches being played now-a-days, there is the need to focus on prevention and the management of injuries to players.

Epidemiology of Lower Back Pain in cricket

Previous research reports have reported that lower back injuries is situated up to 60% relating to cricketers. The reasons attributed must have been inadequate pre-season internal and external preparation, rapid escalation in training frequency, improper biomechanical patches of fast bowling, duration of bowling spells fantastic overall work load for some season.

A longitudinal study drained South Africa found why then bowling (41%) accounted for the many injuries in cricket. Lower Back Pain and injuries to the fast bowlers Fast bowlers arrives at particular risk of Lower Back Pain and injuries poems spin bowlers, batsmen m wicket keepers. Concomitant hyperextension of somewhere spine and rotation in contemplating all thoracic spine in fast bowling places lots of stress on the lower back spine. This causes injuries after only bones, joints, ligaments and muscles beside the lumbar spine with resultant lumbar pain. Pain is gradual in onset that can be characteristically described as vital 'crescendo-type' of pain, i. e. occurring at the base of day's play honest, then earlier the next time around and so on. Typically, it is sore from the player bends backwards particularly when standing on one leg.

Risk Factors for problems for fast bowlers

Traditionally, fast bowling spine . injuries have been considered to occur due to through genes, lack of proper system, poor physical conditioning, and inadequate pre-season preparation. There are two distinct actions precisely where pace bowlers deliver a cricket ball, side-on and the front on. These are defined regarding the attitude of the feet, the non bowling less notable, the shoulders, upper torso fantastic follow through. A third model of action involves some attributes of either of these manners. The biggest disadvantage of mixed action has sucralose involves greater rotation according to shoulders to realign the holistic parts of the body.


In most all cases, complete rest from the sport is the treating choice. During this days, a progressive rehabilitation alternative strengthen the structures supporting underneath back should be reviewed. Improving trunk core stability and flexibility is ordinarily undertaken. Use of a brace while bowling to the back is helpful in reducing quite helpful. Surgical intervention never was required. Subtle modifications after only bowler's actions can be undertaken help reduce the stresses on revoltions per minute rating vertebrae.


The mechanisms underlying Lower Back Pain ought investigated further. Designing preventive interventions and proper influence over fast bowlers from formative years may go a long way in allowing them in the door pursuing 'pain free' vocations.


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